“Some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and true pioneers in the Golden West.” Truly pioneers in their own right, Black women lived extraordinary lives. From the North American Colonies, to Arizona and New Mexico, these women constantly lived with uncertainty, isolation, hardship, and danger. These brave women had hopes and dreams and handled the challenges to forge westward, with strength and grace.  As mothers and wives, they worked endlessly to raise their children and to make their homes and families as comfortable as possible.  Through it all, Black women helped to settle these United States and continue to thrive, to this day, as: mothers; police officers; firefighters; nurses; doctors; military and business leaders; inventors; engineers; lawyers; judges; educators; authors; actors; firefighters; politicians; cowgirls; and in various other fields.  “We can, We will”, “Ready and Forward”.

“I’m so happy to be a part of the Women of the West.  It’s an opportunity to share a significant part of our history that is rarely told.  When I say, “History” I’m not referring to black history but history of the United States.  By participating in this organization we keep alive true stories of brave black women who played a significant role contributing to our country but were rarely recognized.  This organization is a blessing and helps us to show the strength and power of our ancestors and bring encouragement and hope to those we share our stories with.” -Amanda E. Dyson

“I am a Buffalo Soldier Mounted Cavalry Unit, Women of the West, because I truly admire the amazing women of the mid 19th century who made great contributions, living under austere conditions.  These women paved the way to allow me to live the way that I live today.”-Milena Phillips

“Our love of American history and the often overlooked women in history was the driving force for us forming the Women of the West.  The Women of the West is living history.”-Channon Owens

“I am very happy to be a member of the Women of the West.  It teaches me about my history and it’s great to teach others about their history as well.”-M. Nile Jones

“As a retired Black educator, there were few short stories or novels that celebrated the experiences and achievements of Black women in the nineteenth century.  Being a part of the Buffalo Soldier Mounted Cavalry Unit/Women of the West; I am able to read, research, recount, and re-enact with emphasis, the lives of both ordinary Black women and the achievements of the well-known activist that propelled them into roles as feminist leaders of their time.  I welcome the opportunity to educate the minds of young people and old of the, strives/struggles that many unknown Black women have contributed to the history and development of American society.”-B. Skye Inouye

“It is with great pleasure that I participate in the Buffalo Soldier Mounted Cavalry Unit/Women of the West events!  These activities provide  a forum in which to promote the history of those African American women, who made astounding contributions to medicine and science, during and after, the United States antebellum era! This work empowers me to empower others as we journey in our movement of equality and equity for all. “-Deborah Owens Collins

“Want to join Women of the West?”