“Our static displays will take you back in time and deep into the final frontier where you will experience what life was like at a Buffalo Soldiers encampment. With tents pitched, food cooking in the company pot, and combat gear on display. We explain the rigors and the attention to detail pertaining to the Buffalo Soldier lifestyle. ”

“The BSMCU is my way of giving honor to those that came before us. It means we have a way of teaching history, teaching the past so that we do not repeat it. I want people to know how important our past is through education. I want everyone to understand how important the contributions of African-Americans were in the development of this country. I also want our kids to know that they can be proud and do anything they choose to. They can be a part of something bigger than they are and leave a legacy to be proud of.“ – Clyde Phillips

“Would you like to see a BSMCU Static Display at an event near you?”