"The mission statement of the Buffalo Soldier Mounted Cavalry Unit is to: educate through living history presentations, demonstrations of campaign life on the frontier, and equestrian skills. We will continue the historical research necessary to tell the stories of the ``Buffalo Soldiers`` and to rekindle pride and the spirit of patriotism so that their legacy and memory lives on forever. ``We can, we will`` ; ``Ready and Forward"We are the Buffalo Soldier Mounted Cavalry Unit (BSMCU). The Buffalo Soldiers and Women of the West (WOW) unite to ensure that Black women are represented and recognized for their tradition of independence and leadership, back to the days of slavery. We unite to teach, so that the stories of the famed 9th & 10th US Cavalry, their struggles and hardships on the Western frontier are celebrated. "We are passionate about keeping the legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers alive.“The first Black soldiers who walked and rode horses on the western frontier were former slaves and free men. Many could not read and write. Their pain, hardships, and personal struggles are lost to history. They demonstrated pride and dignity that can not be measured. These soldiers made a great contribution to the United States of America.” "Come out to meet our Troopers and the Women of the West. Spend time with us and learn about the legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers."